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by kufarms on January 24, 2012 · 4 comments

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I love to read. I definitely have certain television shows that I watch but I absolutely try to read on a very regular basis. Julien Smith has a much more aggressive approach than me on this topic, but I like what I’m putting together.

Creativity and personal development are important to me and something I believe in deeply. Creativity happens almost anywhere but I put something into motion to help me, or hopefully help me. Personal development happens more from external influences or influencers: mentors, coworkers, projects, education and reading.

I actually have a personal goal established for reading. I enjoy business related books but sometimes feel overwhelmed with how much I’m taking in. In my reflection on this I set parameters for me. I alternate a business book with a personal book.

The business books almost always have to do with HR or recruiting or social or mobile or learning or motivation or… you get the idea. The personal books tend to be fiction and let me keep up or catch up on great authors and books.

Plus this method is motivational for me. When I finish reading and learning ** enter subject here ** then I may start reading “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo”. This also helps me organize my reading into my priorities for both work and for a great story.

Some, like Julien, may progress from business book to business book and drink from a water hose so-to-speak. Me, I need variety and have found this works very well for me. Plus I am reading a lot of great material.

Ultimately my goal is at minimum one book per month. Plus, through a LinkedIn and Amazon application I am able to share my professional reading with my network. Yes, I said professional reading as I do not feel my network is too interested in fiction (my Facebook friends might be though).

Whatever works best for you, find an activity that will let you grow and have fun doing whatever you decide.



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My Worst Presentation

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Last year I was selected to speak at the first Brandsconf inNew York City. I was thrilled that Jeff Pulver selected me and was interested in my topic of how HR and Marketing needs to blend to have the human element for organizations.

I was excited! I worked on my presentation and put together a PowerPoint presentation. It was slick and I was really pumped to present. I put my presentation on a USB drive and was set to go.

Now, I’ve spoken in front of various size groups before and felt good about this event. But upon arrival I was thrown off my game.

I arrive and learn that I needed my own computer to sync to the projection.


I’m in panic mode. Everyone I see has a Mac which isn’t going well for me. So I have to try to recap my slides in a hurry. I get my thoughts down in time for my presentation and head out onto the stage.

Enter stage left…

and I’m again caught off guard. Bright lights shining down on me and in my eyes. A big clock at the front of the stage already clicking down on my time.

Oh boy. And so begins the worst presentation I have ever given. I think I covered all of my points. I think I conveyed my message. I know I let Jeff Pulver down.

Exit stage left…

I received a few kudos after but felt awful for how I presented.

My take away: I wasn’t prepared. If I was, I would have brought my laptop with me and not just a USB. I would have asked questions in advance to make sure I was set. Instead, I fell on my face. I loved my content and didn’t do it justice at all. From this point forward, I have been prepared for every engagement and bring all of my own equipment just in case. This was not the event to flounder, I did and I still have this playing back in my memory.

I’m sorry Jeff!

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