Have you thought about how mobile location-based gaming might affect you? Just a few years ago when foursquare and Gowalla and Whirrl hit the scene, a web site called Please Rob Me appeared. This site took your public Twitter check-in’s and reposted them to both their Twitter feed and web site.

For some it was a big joke, for others it made sense.

Mobile location-based gaming has continued with foursquare and Facebook and Gowalla but have you thought about how it impacts you?

Well, I have.

I’ve been on and off of foursquare from time to time. At times when I travel for work. Other times locally. I never set it up to post on any other social media channel though. The idea behind social gaming and check-in’s is interesting until you think locally.

Lately there has been an increase in cars being broken into and a couple of house robberies. Now, I don’t believe I live in a bad area at all. Good homes, good people with solid work and families. All in all a good community.

But with these recent reports, it has me truly thinking over why I want to even take this risk. As a result, I have stopped this activity. A personal decision for sure.

I understand the popularity of location-based gaming, but have you thought beyond the game and how it impacts you? Has it already affected you? Have you altered your mobile behavior at all?

Would love to hear from you.


Why Numbers Alone Don’t Matter

by kufarms on April 6, 2011 · 2 comments

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Everyone is caught up in numbers and metrics. Some metrics are dead on and others wecan do without. Two such metrics people tend to get caught up in revolve around thenumber of friends/followers and the number of tweets.

Why are these numbers not as relevant as you may think them to be?


Don't Cross the Streams!


Number of Facebook Friends or Twitter Followers

Having a large following is a nice topic to throw around in a conversation, but does itreally help you? Many celebrities, pseudo-celebrities, industry experts, authors, and manyothers have a pretty strong follower count which helps from a message push or listeningperspective. Now, look at how many people they follow and see if you are valued in theirnetwork.

Probably not.

It is great for them to push out their information and hope you will share with yournetwork as well. Good for them. Not so great for you.

This is in no means a recommendation to follow everyone who follows you. But withall the “social media experts” talking about engagement, do they really engage or justengage when spoken to? Think about the last time someone with a high friend/followercount interacted with you off of one of your messages without you mentioning orreferencing that person.


Number of Tweets

The number of times you tweet should not mean a thing? Why you are probably asking.

Well, as Twitter is an unbelievable tool for conversations, learning, listening, sharing andnetworking, it also is a great tool for connecting with apparently every other social mediatool created.

You may connect Twitter with LinkedIn, Facebook, Foursquare (and other location-basedservices), Tumblr, MySpace, blogs, etc. etc. etc.

The more networks you are connected to, the more potential of redundant message beingposted, of locations being shared, of somewhat meaningless data.

Should I be able to read all of your tweets on LinkedIn or Facebook? You could argue oneither side of this and make effective cases. What I am saying is that it is some of thesemessages are redundant, auto generated and used to somewhat spam all of your socialnetworking channels.

When I view my Twitter stream, I don’t care to see all of the Foursquare check-in’s. Iknow I am not alone here but I also realize plenty of others share the opposite feeling.

But in strictly looking at Foursquare and Twitter, it is conceivable that half of your tweetsare Foursquare check-ins. That alone artificially inflates your tweets to show how active aTwitter user you are.

Other people/accounts use messageing services that auto tweet for them and possiblyrepost the same message multiple times per day (full disclosure: yes, I sometimes do thisfor my blog posts… but not every day and for everything I read).


In closing, numbers really don’t mean everything if value isn’t there. Isnt’ that why ROIis always an interesting discussion point!


Facebook vs Foursquare

March 31, 2010

This is bad news.  As reported in Tech Crunch earlier this week, Facebook is moving in a direction I am for one not ecstatic about.  Not bad news for businesses but bad news for both Foursquare (the company) and all of the Facebook user community. A bit of an overreaction?  Maybe. Foursquare users already integrate […]

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foursquare: I’m not sold

March 10, 2010

Foursquare, Gowalla, Whirrl and any other location based mobile social media “game” is definitely the buzz today, and rightfully so.  These have the potential to be very powerful tools for both businesses and users. I have not bought into any of them for a variety of reasons.  What I have noticed is that businesses are […]

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