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I’m a conference fan. I hate that I miss far more than I should, but I love keeping up with the news through Twitter and learning as much as I am able. As a result, I truly value every conference that I am able to attend and try to maximize my time.

I think conferences are fantastic to hear case studies as to what companies do well and where they created a solution to fulfill a need. These company case studies are great because you get to hear about multiple tests and trials and the next “shiny technology” release or fad or trend or whatever.

It really is cool.

But my only knock on these case studies is that it isn’t real life… to me at least. I would love to have a budget where I can do anything and everything to test and trial and work to increase applicant traffic or employee engagement.

But the reality is I have to be extremely strategic and tactical with what I recommend to move forward with as a company. The conversations I have across business groups and functions within my organization are great, but I need to create a business case as to why we need to invest time, resources and money into each initiative.

I would love to be at a conference that focused on smaller companies that have a more limited budget and have to be extra strategic.

Don’t get me wrong, the big-brand case studies are extremely strategic in how they launch each initiative and often in a very impressive manner. But most companies have a more limited budget. I would love to hear how they took their huge wish-list and walked through the strategy and reasoning about going in the direction they chose.

I think I have a solid strategy in place, but know it is by far from perfect. Wouldn’t it be great to hear what similar obstacles are happening in your industry or other industries that might be similar pain-points to what you are encountering.

I would love to see SHRM or ERE or TRU or HRIQ or another conference leader look to put something like this together and package it with one or two larger brands. That could result in excellent creative thinking. Wouldn’t that be an interesting and insightful day.

Would you go to something like this?



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Thank You For An Amazing Year

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Hey everybody, Keith here.

Just wanted to thank you for a great year. It’s been great meeting most of you, many of you, knowing you online and looking forward to next year.

It’s been a fun year. Had my 1 year anniversary with my current company and had a great year.

Redesigned my blog and I wanted to thank Laura from for helping me out with that, she did a great job.

Really looking forward to next year to certainly continue social.Lotof mobile. Lot of cool things to look forward to in this space and that’s going to be pretty interesting to see where we go. What fun things everyone comes out with and borrows and helps each other out with, it’ll be fun!

Look forward to getting out and meeting more of you than I have. Hopefully it will be a good year to get out there and keep connecting in person which is great.

In short, thank you for everything it’s been a fun year. I really enjoyed.

Wanted to wish everyone HappyHoliday’s and Merry Christmas and hope it’s a really successful New Year for you. Thank you and all the best!




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