Mobile websites. Mobile apps. Text messaging. Facebook. Twitter. LinkedIn.

If you ask someone in HR or Recruiting what mobile means to them, these are typically the responses you will hear. In fact, you might not even get Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or text messaging, but maybe you will (I’ll give the benefit of the doubt on this one).

But is this really all?

The right answer is any information that can be viewed on a mobile device is mobile in the recruiting world.

  • Job postings
  • Company videos
  • Audio
  • Careers pages
  • Advertising
  • Email
  • Everything!!!!!

Recruiters and HR need to stop thinking in terms of silos and start thinking in terms of how to attract candidates. Accept that mobile will be used. Accept that your jobs are everywhere. Accept that your ATS is probably not ready for it but now is the time to figure out how your ATS vendor will make it mobile friendly. Put the pressure on them, that is how change happens.

Job boards are already helping advertise your jobs on mobile. LinkedIn is absolutely helping as well.

You might be missing the boat. You are kind of on the boat be default but not sure exactly how you arrived at this point.

It’s like a softball batter closing her eyes to hit a fastball and when she makes contact is shocked and wonders how did she just do that?!?!

Yeah, too many companies are doing just that. Closing their eyes and wondering how their jobs and career content are being viewed on mobile devices. Maybe they aren’t shocked. Maybe they don’t know what to expect.

Step up. You’re already late to the party. Sorry, it’s true.




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It’s The End Of The World As We Know It

by kufarms on December 20, 2012 · 0 comments

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What is all this talk about 2013 about? I mean, it’s our last 24 hours on Earth people! Party like its 12 21 2012!

Or you can be sane and think about what 2013 has to offer.

Mobile: We want the mobile candidate application process to arrive AND be integrated into our ATS systems AND be user friendly! I think Jibe is the closest to this solution, anyone else stepping up?

Social Media: I feel like the conversation has reached a stale point. I’m looking forward to the continuing ROI evolution, associated metrics and INFOGRAPHICS that play nicely into to conversation.

Video: While it never went away, are we more concerned about shooting a Carly Rae Jepsen video about our companies rather than building the brand. Sure, making a Psy remix is fun but does it really enhance your company?

Leaders to Talk: While more executives are joining social conversations, the majority still seem averse to being too public. While definitely understandable, having something to say could make a difference.

These are small items in the big picture, but things that I believe are sought by the masses (both from the HR/Recruiting and the candidate perspectives).

What do you think 2013 will bring for us to share?




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