To me, finding candidates is an adventure. It isn’t post-and-pray and it isn’t actively search for candidates for the first 48 hours and then hope the post-and-pray pays off if the search didn’t come up with anything.

A candidate search is an adventure. It is a way to navigate through all sorts of channels and hurdles to find the right individual(s) but recruiters still need to do the basics. There isn’t a need to go straight to the advanced search options every time. Sometimes you need to revisit the basics so let’s touch on the first two phases.

Doing the basics

  • Post the job
  • Search your ATS
  • Search the job boards for which you have licenses

Turn up the heat

  • LinkedIn
  • Networking
  • Boolean searches
  • Social media sites

This is a basic recruitment roadmap that should be implemented with every new requisition. Will yours look different? I certainly hope so. This is a basic template but you need to add in the specific resources available and the timelines before escalating to the next steps.

This is pretty basic stuff for recruiters, yet I am surprised at how many don’t have an actual plan on how to attack an open requisition. There is a lot of repeat processes and searches that happen and not much creativity.

These 7, basic steps, are nothing new and nothing earth shattering to read. But they are the foundation for recruiting. Add to this however you like and grow your resources to maximize your search focal points.

Good luck and happy hunting.




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Mobile websites. Mobile apps. Text messaging. Facebook. Twitter. LinkedIn.

If you ask someone in HR or Recruiting what mobile means to them, these are typically the responses you will hear. In fact, you might not even get Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or text messaging, but maybe you will (I’ll give the benefit of the doubt on this one).

But is this really all?

The right answer is any information that can be viewed on a mobile device is mobile in the recruiting world.

  • Job postings
  • Company videos
  • Audio
  • Careers pages
  • Advertising
  • Email
  • Everything!!!!!

Recruiters and HR need to stop thinking in terms of silos and start thinking in terms of how to attract candidates. Accept that mobile will be used. Accept that your jobs are everywhere. Accept that your ATS is probably not ready for it but now is the time to figure out how your ATS vendor will make it mobile friendly. Put the pressure on them, that is how change happens.

Job boards are already helping advertise your jobs on mobile. LinkedIn is absolutely helping as well.

You might be missing the boat. You are kind of on the boat be default but not sure exactly how you arrived at this point.

It’s like a softball batter closing her eyes to hit a fastball and when she makes contact is shocked and wonders how did she just do that?!?!

Yeah, too many companies are doing just that. Closing their eyes and wondering how their jobs and career content are being viewed on mobile devices. Maybe they aren’t shocked. Maybe they don’t know what to expect.

Step up. You’re already late to the party. Sorry, it’s true.




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