What could your company do with an extra $15,000? That’s how much a bad hire who earns $50,000 a year can cost your company during his or her first year, according to this article by LinkedIn influencer and CEO of Hootsuite Ryan Holmes. As hiring manager, it’s vital you avoid that kind of mistake while you search for your company’s next rainmaker. Use the following tools and systems to get your routine tasks done efficiently, so you can concentrate on bringing talented people to your organization. Here are five ideas to get you on the path to easier hiring:

Stay Organized

Cut through everyday clutter, so you can focus on making good hiring decisions. Mobile organizer apps have flourished, and a visit to your device’s app store will yield some appealing options for getting your calendar, tasks and contacts in order. Wunderlist provides a simple but powerful platform for tracking tasks, associating them with related subtasks and collaborating with other users in within your company.

Don’t Bother Organizing Your Electronic Files

Creating a usable filing system on a desktop computer takes a lot of time, and it’s unnecessary. Modern operating systems excel at indexing file names and content. Save time and trouble by simply choosing a descriptive name for each document you create, placing it in a single “Documents” folder, and let the operating system’s search functionality do all the hard work of retrieving it.

Push Buttons Instead of Pencils

Detail-intensive, routine tasks may be important, but they also may not generate the best return on your time. Whenever possible, adopt simple tools to make those tasks easier. For example, use Intuit’s online paycheck calculator to figure out payroll for hourly and salaried employees. It’s proof that sometimes the most useful HR tools aren’t the ones you pay for.

Consider a Cloud-Based HR System

Which isn’t to say there’s no place for paid tools in your workflow. Like any HR function, hiring is an information-intensive endeavor. While it makes sense to move all that data into a digital environment, traditional HR software can be both cost-prohibitive and difficult to manage.

Fortunately, a new breed of cloud-based HR systems has recently come to prominence. These services enable you to perform typical hiring tasks such as applicant tracking and resume storage from any computer (and often, mobile device) connected to the Internet. All IT management takes place on the vendor side of the service, and data is stored securely and backed-up regularly. Best of all, these systems are priced to bring the power of an HR software suite to even the smallest businesses. TribeHR, for example, offers key HR functionality at $5 per month per employee.

Systematize Resume Evaluation

Reviewing the never-ending flow of resumes is a key task in any hiring manager’s life, and doing it efficiently calls for a high level of systemization. As soon as a resume hits your desk, you should have a predictable set of steps in place to move it from receipt to either “interview” or a “thanks, but no thanks.”




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Job Applicants are not Mobile Ready

by kufarms on April 1, 2014 · 0 comments

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Candidates are challenging and pushing companies to move into the mobile careers space. HR and Recruiting are always behind the times with technology advancements as compared to their marketing department brethren, but slowly but surely we make it there.

As companies adapt to the mobile apply or easy apply process, I often wonder if the candidate is keeping up with what they are asking for from companies? Technology has been introduced and continues to expand into the candidate apply process. It is a fine line between making a process simple for a candidate which often translates into an expressing interest type of solution, versus a full OFCCP compliant application process via mobile devices.

The market seems to want to create a hybrid of this solution, where candidates may start a process on a mobile device but will ultimately have to log in later to a computer to finalize the application in its complete version.

The technology is getting there by companies.

But here is the bigger question, are candidates keeping up?

Many easy apply solutions incorporate Dropbox, OneDrive (previously SkyDrive) or Google Drive as an option to upload a resume into the application. But how many candidates are prepared with their resume in one of those services. Sure, LinkedIn profiles may be scraped and put into a text note and added to an application, but recruiters will surely go back and ask for the completed resume (it’s what we do).

Candidates continue to use more mobile time exploring job opportunities and career sites and companies are reacting to make their websites either mobile optimized or mobile responsive in order to meet this growing demand.

But when will job applicants fully embrace the mobile technology themselves and make sure their resume is ready for what they continue to demand?





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